A Guide to the Experience

We hold three things in the highest regard. The ingredients provided to us by our friends, farmers and foragers; our staff who commits to the Zeppelin way each and every day; and our guests, who make everything that we work for worth it and possible. We ask that you join us with those values in mind and help to maintain our creative comradery by following these simple guidelines

  1. Edison’s Golden Rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated. Honor the paths that led each of us here by embracing your neighbors like friend and family.
  2. Please see our host immediately upon arrival. Our dining room accommodates seated-room only. This includes our bar, during periods of high-volume our bar is seated from the waitlist the same as our tables.
  3. Respect for each other, the staff, and the ingredients is mandatory. After all, they are the foundation on which the best experiences are created.
  4. Don’t be afraid to explore our menus and try something new.
  5. Taking pictures is encouraged but making phone calls and ignoring your company is frowned upon.
  6. Please be patient, as your cocktails are being made thoughtfully and with your satisfaction at top of mind.
  7. Dress and behave like gentlemen and ladies.
  8. Keep the volume of your conversation at a reasonable level: please refrain from yelling and cursing. Our professional staff requests that they be allowed to give all patrons beyond excellent service, without interruption.

Thanks & Cheers!